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P3’s professionalism and energy have been critical to our organization’s expansion over the past year. We are a rapidly growing, not-for-profit organization where honesty, integrity and respect are our core values. These same core values are also manifested by P3 in each and every situation. Melissa Grandchamp brings to the table her experience, warmth, and knowledge in both business and human resources when dealing with the most sensitive of issues, and works toward positive, mindful resolution and outcome in a timely manner. Her particular attention to our culture and its needs has helped us acquire the right talent as we expand and has reduced expensive turnover. She clearly understands the goals of our organization and assists in helping us achieve those goals in areas that we would have overlooked.

It is a pleasure to work with Melissa. She is, simply put, the gold standard.

~Nancy Mayer
Director, Operations Mind and Life Institute


I originally started working with Melissa on leadership skills 6 years ago while we were both employed at the same organization. She was the head of Human Resources and I was brought in as an accounts payable clerk under the accounting manager. We worked steadily together for four years and during that time I went from being an accounts payable clerk to an assistant to the CEO and VP of Sales of the company. Her expert tutelage on conflict management and communication lead to my display of a more professional demeanor and, ultimately, to being viewed as a valuable team member. She also worked with me on building relationships in order to expand my network and lead a synergistic, intelligent team. Her counsel propelled me to aim high and not to except mediocrity. Her expert guidance also prepped me for advancement by preparing me for tough interviews and setting realistic goals and expectations of achievement. As opportunities came up, I found that my learning facilitated a more professional approach and afforded me additional leverage that I was previously lacking.

I have been with my current company for almost two years and, due to Melissa’s continued guidance, I have gone from a Senior Administrative Assistant to an Executive Assistant, in less then a year and a half, within a company of 16,000 employees. Without Melissa’s guidance and constant coaching, I know that I would not be where I am today professionally.

~Andrea McCammish
Executive Assistant


P3 has instituted a focus in our organization that was previously missing. Specifically helping us to realize the importance of the structure and entity of our culture and how to best enhance it. All organizations are working units and that unit works best when all the pieces are the right pieces and functioning to expectation. Melissa made us realize that it takes more then just hiring someone with the right functional skill set to do the job efficiently. It also takes the right fit within our culture. In fact, finding the right fit can at times be more important then finding the right skill sets. This insight has forced us to change our focus from just hiring a person for the job to acquiring the right talent to enhance our organization.

In addition, Melissa has added value to some of our leaders by helping them acquire much needed leadership skills. Her one on one approach allows her to work with leaders individually, applying focus in areas needed specific to that leader. Her regular updates gave us visibility into the leader’s progress as well as indicated where internal mentoring could bring additional value.

Finally, P3 helped us enhance the overall efficiency of our organization through selective, customize training programs in areas of need. Melissa helped us with initiating a more comprehensive performance review process which included skills on coaching and mentoring. Her philosophy of “leaders need to teach leaders” helped us to look at performance reviews and goal achievement in a new light. As a result, we are much more productive and efficient and find that the overall intellectual capacity of our employees has increased.

~Pete Galligan
VP of Finance and Operations, OpenLogic
Also former COO, Information Mgt. Research

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