Mission/Vision/Goals/Objectives Development

A formal process that creates a comprehensive framework for planning the future of the organization.

  • Contact us today for a FREE consultation! 303.635.6919 (w) 303.638.9253 (c)Mission – defining your business as satisfying specific customer needs
  • Vision – compelling vision of the future that provides the  inspiration and framework for the strategic plan
  • Goals – specific and realistic long-range plans for a specific period specifying the means that will be used to achieve the desired ends defined in the mission and vision
  • Objectives – clear, realistic, specific, measurable, and time-limited, statements of action that contribute to goal achievement and define tell how to meet a goal.

P3 will support your team as they work through this important process by identifying members of the planning team, planning the strategy sessions, helping the team think strategically, and acting as the meeting facilitator.

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