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HR Optimization Services

piechartAs businesses small and large look to survive and thrive in a challenging economy, they need to quickly align their HR investments to deliver results to the bottom line. P3’s HR Optimization services provide a quick way to identify changes that will help you succeed. In less than 30 days, you will receive a complete set of recommendations that will help you target your HR investments.

Benefits Review

An HR Benefits Review lets you know how your company’s benefits plan compares to others in the market. This review by P3 experts identifies which benefits provide the best return on investment. Our recommendations will help you direct your benefit dollars to optimize workforce retention while managing costs.

Salary & Staffing Audit

In challenging economic times, you have to ensure you are optimizing your investment in human resources. You need to know that you have the right people in the right positions at the right pay. P3 experts will help you identifies staffing gaps, places where you are overstaffed or mismatches between employee skills and your corporate requirements. We will also analyze your salaries to identify where you can make adjustments.

After the Layoff: Transition and Growth Training

Contact us today for a FREE consultation! 303.635.6919 (w) 303.638.9253 (c)Layoffs and downsizing can be devastating for both the employees that are impacted and those that remain. However, providing low-cost transition coaching for those affected can help ensure the success and motivation of both former and remaining employees. Our training helps former employees to successfully move on to their next opportunity and remaining employees to adapt to new responsibilities. Unlike traditional outplacement services, P3’s offering is priced to meet the needs of smaller organizations.

Each Optimization Service: $1000
All Three: $2500

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