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In tough economic times, you need to make sure your staffing levels and skills are focused on exactly what you need to build the bottom line. You need expert advice on critical business issues – change management, restructuring, cost cutting – and yet it’s hard to justify the cost of a full-time HR expert.

P3 has the answer with HR On-Demand services. HR On-Demand lets you choose the level of HR help you need at a price that fits in your budget. You can leverage P3’s HR experts to audit and revamp your existing programs or launch critical new initiatives. HR On-Demand’s guaranteed response times ensure you can quickly address issues and optimize your human resources to deliver results.

ROI Value

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The ROI calculations are based on two different values often used by business leaders. The first calculator considers what business costs come into play when hiring key employees. The second calculator is based on compensation per key role hired. The P3 website allows you to enter the appropriate data based on your typical costs for your key hires to understand the true expense of your employee investment.

P3 HR and leadership consulting services offer our clients expert level assistance to help them enhance their overall human capitol efficiency and maintain the cost of their employee investment.

Another way to use the ROI calculator is to ascertain what it costs to hire a full-time HR, business, finance, marketing, or sales leader with 20+yrs experience who can provide the same level of service and expert strategy as a P3 consultant who does the same for a fraction of the cost.  Again our mission is to provide small business the foundation, resources and tools to represent and compete like big business.

Choose the level of advice and assistance you need:

HR On-Demand Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly Cost $1000 $2000 $4000
HR Support Calls 10 hrs/month 20 hrs/month 40 hrs/month
Response Time 24 hrs 12 hrs 4 hrs
Core HR Services
Benefits X X X
Compensation X X X
Legal & Risk Management X X X
Talent Acquisition X X X
Employee Relations
Performance Management X X X
Succession Planning X X X
HR Audits
Staff Audit X X X
Program Audit X X X
ROI Audit X X X
Staff Development
Train/Hire HR Staff X X
Leadership/Team Coaching 5 sessions/yr 10 sessions/yr
Customized Training 3 trainings 3 trainings
Strategic Development
Culture/Infrastructure Assessment X
Change Management X
Organizational Restructuring X
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