Career Launch for College Grads

The transition from school to a first job can be daunting for recent college grads.  College has prepared you with knowledge in your area of expertise, but not the skills you need to find and succeed in the working world.

Career Launch accelerates the transition by providing you with one-on-one coaching from corporate HR experts.  In just 60 days, your P3 Coach will guide you through 4-6 sessions covering all of the critical skills and activities for a successful launch into the workplace.

HR On-Demand

Affordable HR Expertise

In tough economic times, you need to make sure your staffing levels and skills are focused on exactly what you need to build the bottom line.  You need expert advice on critical business issues – change management, restructuring, cost cutting – and yet it’s hard to justify the cost of a full-time HR expert.

P3 has the answer with HR On-Demand services.  HR On-Demand lets you choose the level of HR help you need at a price that fits in your budget. You can leverage P3’s HR experts to audit and revamp your existing programs or launch critical new initiatives. HR On-Demand’s guaranteed response times ensure you can quickly address issues and optimize your human resources to deliver results.

HR Optimization Services

As businesses small and large look to survive and thrive in a challenging economy, they need to quickly align their HR investments to deliver results to the bottom line. P3’s HR Optimization services provide a quick way to identify changes that will help you succeed.  In less than 30 days, you will receive a complete set of recommendations that will help you target your HR investments.

Career Transition Coaching for Women in the Workplace

Women often face new challenges during career transitions  – re-entering the workplace after time off, changing industries, taking on new responsibilities, or adapting to the demands of a particular work environment

Career Transition Coaching ensures your transition is successful, with a special focus on issues that impact working women.   Your P3 Coach can guide you through the process with expert advice and coaching.

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