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Unemployment Rate Amongst Recent Graduates

Attached is an interesting article about grads who get their diploma but can’t find a job. Considering unemployment among the young is higher then previous years (5.0% in 2009 for those with a Bachelor’s and 9.0% for those with an Associates Degree), having resources in place to help them secure that first job is important. Note what Robert Pagliarini considers as crucial post-graduate focuses in helping grads market themselves better.


P3 not only suggests appropriate educational recommendations prior to your student graduating, therefore maximizing their marketability and your investment, but we also ensure they have the necessary resources (resume, references, work experience, volunteer experience) to be attractive to employers and stand out in a crowd of graduates.

Currently P3 is seeking students for summer internships in the field of: technology, software development, engineering, business administration, physical fitness, coaching & training, finance & accounting and web development. If you have a student or know a student who would like to get hands on experience in any one of these fields for summer 2010 please contact me for more information.

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