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FREE Download: Performance Criteria

Performance Criteria

Communications Skills

Communicates clearly and concisely

Improves the effectiveness of communications and interactions with others

Excels in interpersonal communications

Avoids communication breakdowns

Encourages open communications to achieve mutual understandings

Communicates effectively with all levels of management

Effectively communicates upward, downward an laterally

Develops and maintains two-way communications

Excels in relating well with others

Decision Making

Can be relied on to make sound decisions

Is skilled in formulating solutions to difficult issues

Is willing to make difficult and unpopular decisions

Assembles all available facts before making a decision

Considers all alternatives before making commitments

Carefully evaluates alternative risks

Foresees the consequences of decisions

Communicates decisions with confidence

Strives to improve decisiveness


Delegates to improve organizational effectiveness

Delegates to maximize organizational strengths

Demonstrates effective delegation techniques

Empowers employees with the authority and resources to achieve results

Provides subordinates with the resources needed to accomplish results

Knows when and what to delegate

Delegates routine tasks to subordinates

Matches assignments with employee talents/strengths

Encourages subordinates to solve their own problems

Creates a high degree of trust with subordinates

Interpersonal Skills

Identifies and understands personal values of superiors, subordinates, peers and others

Recognizes the importance of first impression

Well accepted by others under difficult circumstances

Develops mutual support

Builds trust and rapport

Understands and knows how to get along with co-workers

Establishes effective working relationships

Builds positive relationships with superiors

Works effectively with multiple superiors

Displays genuineness in dealing with others

Generates synergy

Promotes participative approaches

Respects the opinions of others


Is successfully meeting the position’s leadership challenges

Demonstrates natural leadership ability

Displays leadership stature

Excels in training, leading and motivating people

Knows when to retrain and when to exercise power

Is able to assert authority when challenged

Demonstrates decisive leadership ability

Faces problems with confidence and assurance

Is an inspirational leader

Is a catalyst for success

Leads by example

Inspires others to do their best

Displays a strong ability to build credibility

Is quick to gain and maintain the trust of others

Shows appreciation for contributions and achievements

Promotes a high degree of morale

Promotes teamwork

Promotes  common purpose

Management Ability

Demonstrates productive management techniques

Stimulates management efficiency and effectiveness

Identifies major management problems and develop solutions

Consistently prepares appropriate recommendations

Effectively resolves conflicts between individual needs and requirements of the company

Demonstrates an ability to overcome internal barriers

Excels in resolving interdepartmental conflicts

Obtains the full support of other departments

Pulls the organization together

Holds subordinates accountable for results

Is a polished and effective professional

Shows strong self management

Recognizes the difference between managing and doing

Avoids managing by crisis

Builds organizational harmony

Encourages efforts toward common goals

Effectively enforces policies, rules and regulations

Avoids overstepping authority

Problem Solving

Displays an ability to solve problems, think, reason and learn

Is skilled in identifying and solving bottlenecks

Is skilled in proposing optional solutions

Develops creative and cost effective solutions

Makes a strong effort to be part of the solution

Effectively solves problems rather then the symptoms

Is quick to identify problems

Focuses on core problems

Solves problems before they become critical

Works well with others in solving problems

Supervisory skills

Maintains consistency of operations

Takes prompt action to minimize down time

Expects and demands superior performance

Places emphasis on results

Brings out the best in employees

Maximizes the value of recognition and rewards for others

Promotes and effective climate

Develops a productive work environment

Is readily accessible to subordinates

Receives full support for staff

Properly asserts authority

Is effective in giving direction and orders

Avoids over-supervising

Understands different personality and traits

Capably manages diverse personalities

Supervises firmly and fairly

Shows genuine respect for others

Encourages constructive feedback

Maintains order and discipline

Promptly disciplines inappropriate behavior

Disciplines without compromising authority

Takes steps to avoid recurrence of errors

Tact and Diplomacy

Handles complaints with tact

Is very confident in handling awkward situations

Accomplishes results without creating conflict

Handles confrontations constructively

In tactful in conflict situations

Displays trust and mutual understanding

Tactfully admits mistakes and errors

Follows proper protocol

Is polite in all situations

Team Skills

Excels in building teams for success

Makes effective use of team resources

Builds strong teams to meet performance goals

Is a strong team builder

Makes a valuable contribution to team objectives

Excels in task-oriented team development

Effectively resolve team conflicts

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